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松田将英の「The Laughing Man (Club)」と名付けられた本プロジェクトでは、共通のシンボルを通じてひとりひとりを匿名に誘いながら、SNS以降の人々の集合的な意識を浮かび上がらせます。このプロジェクトは、あらゆるSNSやメディア媒体において、世界で最も使用されている絵文字のひとつである「笑い泣き」を中心に展開されています。異なる感情が混ざり合いながら平坦にも見える奇妙なこの表情は、発信者や受信者によって多様な解釈が生まれます。この絵文字が指し示すことができる内容の可能性は多岐に渡るものであり、複雑かつ汎用性が高いことから、松田はこれを現代の精神の象徴として位置付けています



In the project titled "The Laughing Man (Club)" by Shōei Matsuda, individuals are invited to an anonymous community through a common symbol, bringing to light the collective consciousness of people since the advent of social media. This project revolves around one of the most widely used emojis in the world, "laughing with tears of joy," and is deployed across various social media and media platforms. This strange expression, which appears flat but contains mixed emotions, is open to diverse interpretations by the sender and receiver. Due to its complexity and high versatility in the content it can indicate, Matsuda positions it as a symbol of the modern spirit.

Shōei has presented "laughing with tears of joy" in various forms, including MetaVerse spaces, art fairs, vending machine sales on the street, private exhibitions for members only, art festivals, and concept stores in commercial facilities. While actively incorporating the latest technologies such as NFT¹, AR², and MR³, his approach remains open to a wide range of people.



Members Only

以下のアイテムをお持ちの方は、The Laughing Man (Club)のNFTの入手が可能です。

A. 会員証(新宿 街頭自販機限定)
B. ボックス(渋谷パルコ コンセプト・ストア限定)
C. キーホルダー(金沢21世紀美術館限定)*条件あり

If you have any of the following items, you are eligible to join The Laughing Man (Club):

A. Membership card (limited to Shinjuku NFT vending machines)
B. NFT box (limited to Shibuya Parco Concept Store)
C. Key ring (limited to Kanazawa 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art)

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